Nokian Footwear – 120 years of Finnish design

Nokian Footwear

- 120 years of Finnish design



2018 / 6 / 18

The writer works as a Producer and Content Ninja in FLIK Helsinki

As part of its 120-year celebrations, the traditional footwear maker Nokian Footwear wanted to transmit the company’s history and production values with quality content. FLIK was inspired by Nokian’s history and story, and produced a beautiful work, not saving on production value.

The production has a peculiar taste to it because it is also the first project for FLIK’s new creatives Mikko Niittymäki and Lawrence Dolkart. The executive producer Niittymäki had good reason to be proud about the project: “This was my first international production, and I’m really happy it was for a trademark that is an important part of Finnish footwear design.”

In addition to Nokian’s production facilities and design spaces, the video was shot in Sofia, Bulgaria.  The artificial lake on the video, called Pancharevo, is located 12 kilometres from the capital. The production was demanding: roads were blocked and even the rain on the video is a combination of real and artificial rain. “It was a blast, well organized, and I enjoyed the whole experience. The director did a great job at conveying his vision and the whole production went through smoothly.” Dolkart, who directed the video, described his goals shortly: “I was aiming for beauty with a sense of history.”

Great results through cooperation

The local team’s representative Tryan Velev thanked fliksters for great cooperation: “Working with a Finnish production company and crew was a great experience. Everything was clear in their vision from the beginning of the project. Considering that we didn’t have a lot of time to film, the clear vision of what we wanted gave us enough time to get some great shots and fulfill our plan. It was great to work with Mikko and Lawrence.”

Anamorphic lenses were used in shooting, and the wonderful colors and huge amount of detail can be seen in the final work. “I was aiming for a cinematic, stylized version of beauty lighting, in daylight exteriors”, Dolkart said.

The simple yet beautiful music on the video was composed by FLIK’s post production wizard Antti Silvennoinen.

Watch the film below:

More pictures from the production on Instagram.

5 Fails in Video Communications

5 Fails in Video Communications

Failing is part of living, but there’s no need to keep repeating the same mistakes. Here’s a few things we have learned about online video – some through experience.


Riku Pyhälä

2017 / 01 / 05

The writer works as a Producer and Content Ninja in FLIK Helsinki

Admittedly, video communications can be challenging: you need to keep track of the times, constantly innovate and sometimes even experiment. Occasionally you stumble, but the essential thing is to learn from your mistakes. We listed five challenges which we have identified over the years, so that you wouldn’t need to jump all the hurdles. 

1 Relying too much on your platform

The tools you have chosen are meant to support your content production, not to become a burden. Whichever platform you are using, it should help and speed up your own process.

Think carefully whether you want to sharpen and polish your video ready on an online platform or a free tailor-made video editing software. Today, software for video production and editing is available for everyone – even on mobile.

2 Bad or non-existent scheduling

Hurry is endemic in video productions. Events are quickly put together and productions launched lightning fast. Content needs to be transmitted, saved, handled and shared quickly.

For the best and most reliable outcome, sparing enough time for scheduling is worth it.

If the production schedule hasn’t been planned in advance, the whole production is sensitive to changes – and thus, to mistakes.

3 Careless distribution

In no circumstance should video content be dropped out of the blue, expecting viewers just to show up. Social media sharing, scheduled publishing and distribution require careful planning.

Finding and activating your target audience before publishing is necessary for standing out amidst the sheer mass of web content. There are platforms specifically designed for managing social media, like Hootsuite and SocialPilot, to assist you.

4 Supplying without demand

Quality video content is one of the most efficient ways of hooking your audience, and the client will happily return for content he considers valuable. But first, the demand must be called for.

When you have gained your audience’s interest, and your content excels, you shouldn’t leave the interest unutilized. Enclosing your content behind a quick registration – even only for contact information – is a great way to generate leads. You can gain important insight for your sales team through a quick questionnaire.

5 Wasting resources

Marketing and communications resources are often limited and easily wasted on different stages of the process. You can execute quick video productions easily by yourself. There are countless free software solutions, of which many are available for mobile. Mobile solutions, like Splice and iMovie enable video editing right on your phone or tablet.

Q&A: Lawrence Dolkart and Mikko Niittymäki – part 1

Q&A: Lawrence Dolkart and Mikko Niittymäki [part 1]

In the first part of our Q&A, the new creative force in FLIK's video productions opens up their past and backgrounds.



2017 / 2 / 2

The writer works as a Producer and Content Ninja in FLIK Helsinki

Welcome to FLIK guys! So, who are you, and where are you coming from?

Larry: You wanna go first? [Looks at Mikko] I’m quite chatty… Who am I? That’s a philosophical question [laughs]. My name is Lawrence Dolkart, but only the internet and my mother call me Lawrence. You can call me Larry. Born and raised in Los Angeles, I’ve lived in Helsinki now for nine years. Came here for the obvious reasons anybody comes here: I was married to a Finnish woman. She’s still Finnish but we’re not married. [laughs] I have a son, so I’m staying here. That I love about this country, it’s probably one of the best countries to raise a child. The things that are special about this place far outweigh any seemingly difficult things. So here I am and I’m here to stay.

How about the harsh winter?

Larry: I like the snow and the cold. People love to ask: “How do you feel about the darkness?” I’m like, they are an OK band, not my favorite band. [laughs] I like light and dark, it’s kind of what I am. Both sides of that spectrum are nice as I like the extreme contrasts. The midsummer-thing, I love that, although last summer wasn’t very nice. I’ve never actually lived anywhere outside of Los Angeles before I moved here. Though I’ve travelled a lot for work: I’ve been around, to many different cultural situations and countries – and in a work environment. I’ve always felt fairly comfortable about working with people from different cultures.

Mikko: Me, Mikko, born in Helsinki, lived first couple of years in Tripoli, Libya. After that came back to Finland, and during elementary school lived for two years in Bonn, Germany. Then I lived close to Helsinki until heading to army. Been in TV-related business, for twelve years, doing everything basically from sports to news and drama to reality and lifestyle. Past years, I’ve been on the productions mostly cutting, editing and then shooting something on the side. I guess I’m a storyteller, who really likes to create and go further with my own ideas. Quite a social person, who likes to be around nice people, smiling and throwing out bad jokes. [laughs]

What type of projects/companies have you been working on?

Mikko: Before coming here I was working for two years at Yellow Films, as an editor over there. Before that, generally freelancing all over at production companies in Helsinki.

So this isn’t that new environment for you.

Mikko: No no, been quite a while here. I know quite a bit about different productions, big and small, good and bad.

Larry: My background is all film, mostly commercial film. It was where I started as a teenager. And I’m not a teenager anymore. I have literally a 30+ year film career.

Mikko: Yea you’re not a teenager, but your mind is like teenagers.

Larry: I’m not very mature for my age, that’s true. [laughs] I started in commercials, that was my first job, in TV-commercials as a PA. Then I worked myself up from PA. I never finished high school, I don’t have a degree to do anything, but I teach at the Master’s level quite often these days. [laughs] I worked my way up, which is very common back home. You learn along the way. It teaches you how to understand and respect what everybody else does. And I like that.

Over the years I worked for so many, from the RSA to HSI, which are big commercial companies. Some of my great mentors, would probably be a better way to describe my career. Because I did like hundreds of music videos and commercials at different levels, very small to very large, million dollar commercial projects, single commercials, for a week!

So, my two great mentors were… Rolf Kestermann, who did a lot of this beauty lighting stuff. Rolf is my greatest mentor, when it comes to lighting and the philosophy of lighting. I worked probably for every production company in LA at one point. With Rolf I did these fashion models and we did a lot of work with beauty brands and he was and is still considered one of the greatest beauty cinematographers. And I still say, he’s one of my greatest mentors.

Then I had this other mentor, Samuel Bayer, who is most well known probably for the Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit video. I didn’t do that video, but I did most of them, ten years after that one. He inspired me to always shoot from the hip and added a raw edge to my beauty background. 

I came from being PA into doing lighting pretty quickly, and worked my way up in the lighting department with Rolf, where I learned a lot of the theory of lighting and philosophical approaches to lighting. Not “you have to do it this way”, but he inspired me to see that everything can be beautiful. Then I did this other stuff with Sam, these big rock videos, from David Bowie and Sheryl Crow to The Cranberries. That list is super long.

Mikko: Maybe you forgot Tom Jones’ Sex Bomb. That’s what Finnish people love. [both laugh]

What’s your favorite video? Not the best, but favorite.

Larry: It’s up there with the best one’s as well. It’s the song and combo of being this nineties… Some people called me part of the zeitgeist of the nineties music video look – which is a huge complement. The Bullet with Butterfly Wings video by Smashing Pumpkins is quite special to me. They still play that a lot. That’s with Samuel Bayer. It was the first job I started operating the camera on. Very shortly after that I was shooting for him and other directors – as a DP.  I just love the combination on that video: the story, the song and everything kind of came together. It’s based on Salgado Diamond mines photography books. It has like a thousand extras, it seems very simple when you look at it, but quite often it’s the simple stuff that can be quite complicated.

I did the Björk’s It’s Oh So Quiet video with Spike Jonze. Everyone thinks it’s just a girl walking out of a tire store, right? And that’s what it is. You have to go look at it. It’s hugely technical, because the camera, the lights and he music are all slaved to the speed ramp. It takes a lot of light to change the look of exterior day light – in the middle of summer. We had a street row of 3000k worth of lights that are all programmed to the camera speed change. Because it goes into slow motion and it’s still sync all ramp with the music of course. It looks simple, but to do all that, it’s a big set up.

From your past, what are you bringing to the table here in FLIK?

Mikko: I guess from me, it’s my diverse experience, from different kinds of things. And the way I want to push myself onto the next level as well, getting out of the dark room we are in ourselves. Putting together stuff other people have been planning and producing, getting them to that level. Being one of the guys using their brain to create something amazing and nice.

What I want to bring here as well is, working with Larry before, we’ve been doing plenty of projects together. He’s been one of the guys I can certainly say I’ve been learning quite a bit from. It’s always been a pleasure and I’m looking forward to what kind of things we can create together in the future. Looking really forward – he’s a great mentor and always has something to say.

Larry: Yea I do always have something to say. I come from a loud culture, we talk a lot. So culturally it’s a bit different. Hopefully, I bring some disruption to this office. I believe in those kinds of concepts. People get complacent in doing the same things, the same way, all the time.

I don’t necessarily want to change things. I have specific ideas and I can be little bit stubborn in my own ideas, I’d like to be more open to hearing… I might go like “Ohhh this is my art!”, I have that crazy avant garde artist side. But I also have this other side. We talked about working outside the box, I thought, “Why don’t we work inside the box and make that much more pretty – let’s make that really good!” There can be a different perspective inside it, a box has many sides.

What I’m going to bring, is making those things more special. I don’t have a huge agenda, how to make those special – it’s more about inspiring people – that they can be more special, in a simple way.

Part 2 of the Q&A will be published soon – stay tuned!

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Aro Systems B2B videos

Aro Systems is one of the leading Finnish technical service providers specializing in housing technology. Accountability and reliance are key to their success. We produced two short videos targeted at real estate managers across the country.

Our brief was to strengthen the image of Aro Systems as a reliable specialist that delivers complex plumbing renovations in schedule and on budget. The videos are featured on the website.

Public Service Info goes cinematic

Public Service Info is a new service to guide people to the right counter – many feel lost with the sheer amount of available services and do not know where to start and how to proceed. The new Info service advices over the phone and online.

For the launch campaign we produced two short films in the style of movie trailers, one comedy and the other thriller. They were designed for cinematic use and for national TV.