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Video Content


DIY Content
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Planning and Implementation
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Human Resourcing
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Strategy, design, production.

Online videos and content marketing are a great way to communicate: to tell stories and create emotions. Feelings are best balanced with rational thinking. Sense and sensibility together produce impactful and engaging content and better business.


We believe that every company has a unique relationship with its customers. We help to strengthen this bond by creating impactful video content to different encounters. Thoughtful technical implementation supports your content.  A video strategy that supports your goals and organization is always created by listening to your customers.


Auditing / SEO / Technical system updates / Publishing and delivery optimization / Training

VIDEO strategy

Goal setting / Target audience / Content planning and concepting / Annual content mapping / Channel strategy / Social media / Training / Workshops


Good design highlights your message and makes technology more human.

With each client we start by assessing the situation. We look into what people really watch and which technical solutions would best support the clients goals. Viewer analysis helps us make the right content choices and design relevant concepts. Research makes sure that storytelling is fed with the right topics. Knowing where and how to deliver the content maximizes reach, engagement and conversion.


Viewer analysis / Content analysis / Design goals / Workshop

content and TEchNOLogy design

Creative design and script writing / Video formats and concept planning / Distribution planning / Channel design  / Livestream concepts and production / Content management system


Great design is best paired with excellent production. We understand clients goals and viewers needs and can address both. We can help to visualize scientific research or the annual report numbers. We can appeal to the dad dreaming of a new BBQ as well as to the teenager digging music. Our production serves the purpose -both big and small investments will yield results. 


Content strategy / Script writing / Story boarding / Technical design / New technologies

VIDEO and LIVE stream production

Webinar and livestream productions / Online event planning and production / Quick paced content production / High-end productions / Animation / Channel management