5 Fails in Video Communications

Failing is part of living, but there’s no need to keep repeating the same mistakes. Here’s a few things we have learned about online video – some through experience.


Riku Pyhälä

2017 / 01 / 05

The writer works as a Producer at FLIK

Admittedly, video communications can be challenging: you need to keep track of the times, constantly innovate and sometimes even experiment. Occasionally you stumble, but the essential thing is to learn from your mistakes. We listed five challenges which we have identified over the years, so that you wouldn’t need to jump all the hurdles. 

1 Relying too much on your platform

The tools you have chosen are meant to support your content production, not to become a burden. Whichever platform you are using, it should help and speed up your own process.

Think carefully whether you want to sharpen and polish your video ready on an online platform or a free tailor-made video editing software. Today, software for video production and editing is available for everyone – even on mobile.

2 Bad or non-existent scheduling

Hurry is endemic in video productions. Events are quickly put together and productions launched lightning fast. Content needs to be transmitted, saved, handled and shared quickly.

For the best and most reliable outcome, sparing enough time for scheduling is worth it.

If the production schedule hasn’t been planned in advance, the whole production is sensitive to changes – and thus, to mistakes.

3 Careless distribution

In no circumstance should video content be dropped out of the blue, expecting viewers just to show up. Social media sharing, scheduled publishing and distribution require careful planning.

Finding and activating your target audience before publishing is necessary for standing out amidst the sheer mass of web content. There are platforms specifically designed for managing social media, like Hootsuite and SocialPilot, to assist you.

4 Supplying without demand

Quality video content is one of the most efficient ways of hooking your audience, and the client will happily return for content he considers valuable. But first, the demand must be called for.

When you have gained your audience’s interest, and your content excels, you shouldn’t leave the interest unutilized. Enclosing your content behind a quick registration – even only for contact information – is a great way to generate leads. You can gain important insight for your sales team through a quick questionnaire.

5 Wasting resources

Marketing and communications resources are often limited and easily wasted on different stages of the process. You can execute quick video productions easily by yourself. There are countless free software solutions, of which many are available for mobile. Mobile solutions, like Splice and iMovie enable video editing right on your phone or tablet.

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