Corenso – More than the core

Video production
10 / 2018
Mikko Niittymäki
+358 40 198 5080

Corenso Group, one of the world’s leading coreboard and core producers, asked for quality video content to support their brand. FLIK’s creative team produced a stylish work with stunning visuals.

“It’s about a usually invisible product, which was turned into the hero of the story”, says Lawrence Dolkart, who worked as a director and copywriter on the project. “We were going for cinematic approach with abstract images and story, that would also transmit the client’s values. I saw the cores as a view of a city”, Dolkart opens his approach.

The production was shot at Corenso’s factories in Pori, Finland and Krefeld, Germany. The project’s producer, Mikko Niittymäki, emphasized Dolkart’s part: “Larry had a bigger role this time, and it was nice to watch and be part of this type of production throughout. I’ve never seen such a huge mill as the one in Pori. Plus it was nice to work with products made from 100% recycled materials.”

The 3D animation was created by animator Jussi Castellanos. The score, sound design and color grading was realized by FLIK’s post production wizard Antti Silvennoinen. “The colors were turned towards dreamy blues and marble, away from brown”, Silvennoinen tells. “Also, the voice actor Jonathan (Hutchings) had a good touch with this type of cinematic approach.”

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