#workinfinland video series aims to make Finland attractive

Ministry of work advertises Finland to young professionals.
Ministry of work and employment
Work In Finland promotional videos
concept design, scriptwriting, casting, video production, interview
11 / 2014
Jenny Kuisma, producer
Tel. +358 44 592 5009

Work In Finland is a reqruitment campaign aiming to make Finland appealing to professionals world wide. The videos feature people who have fallen in love with the country and live and work here. In their own words they get describe their motivations and what they like about the country.

We wanted to show real people and let them choose their words instead of advertising talk. The warm and sincere feeling has gathered audiences all over the world while embodying the essence of “Finnishness”.

Finding the right people was key to success, and we did the casting as well as design, scripting and production.