Corenso – More than the core

Corenso Group, one of the world’s leading coreboard and core producers, asked for quality video content to support their brand. FLIK’s creative team produced a stylish work with stunning visuals.

“It’s about a usually invisible product, which was turned into the hero of the story”, says Lawrence Dolkart, who worked as a director and copywriter on the project. “We were going for cinematic approach with abstract images and story, that would also transmit the client’s values. I saw the cores as a view of a city”, Dolkart opens his approach.

The production was shot at Corenso’s factories in Pori, Finland and Krefeld, Germany. The project’s producer, Mikko Niittymäki, emphasized Dolkart’s part: “Larry had a bigger role this time, and it was nice to watch and be part of this type of production throughout. I’ve never seen such a huge mill as the one in Pori. Plus it was nice to work with products made from 100% recycled materials.”

The 3D animation was created by animator Jussi Castellanos. The score, sound design and color grading was realized by FLIK’s post production wizard Antti Silvennoinen. “The colors were turned towards dreamy blues and marble, away from brown”, Silvennoinen tells. “Also, the voice actor Jonathan (Hutchings) had a good touch with this type of cinematic approach.”

More about Corenso:

Nokian Footwear – 120 years of Finnish design

Nokian Footwear

- 120 years of Finnish design



2018 / 6 / 18

The writer works as a Producer and Screenwriter in FLIK Helsinki

As part of its 120-year celebrations, the traditional footwear maker Nokian Footwear wanted to transmit the company’s history and production values with quality content. FLIK was inspired by Nokian’s history and story, and produced a beautiful work, not saving on production value.

The production has a peculiar taste to it because it is also the first project for FLIK’s new creatives Mikko Niittymäki and Lawrence Dolkart. The executive producer Niittymäki had good reason to be proud about the project: “This was my first international production, and I’m really happy it was for a trademark that is an important part of Finnish footwear design.”

In addition to Nokian’s production facilities and design spaces, the video was shot in Sofia, Bulgaria.  The artificial lake on the video, called Pancharevo, is located 12 kilometres from the capital. The production was demanding: roads were blocked and even the rain on the video is a combination of real and artificial rain. “It was a blast, well organized, and I enjoyed the whole experience. The director did a great job at conveying his vision and the whole production went through smoothly.” Dolkart, who directed the video, described his goals shortly: “I was aiming for beauty with a sense of history.”

Great results through cooperation

The local team’s representative Tryan Velev thanked fliksters for great cooperation: “Working with a Finnish production company and crew was a great experience. Everything was clear in their vision from the beginning of the project. Considering that we didn’t have a lot of time to film, the clear vision of what we wanted gave us enough time to get some great shots and fulfill our plan. It was great to work with Mikko and Lawrence.”

Anamorphic lenses were used in shooting, and the wonderful colors and huge amount of detail can be seen in the final work. “I was aiming for a cinematic, stylized version of beauty lighting, in daylight exteriors”, Dolkart said.

The simple yet beautiful music on the video was composed by FLIK’s post production wizard Antti Silvennoinen.

Watch the film below:

More pictures from the production on Instagram.

Suomi Finland 100 – Marketing video about Finnish education

As part of the Suomi Finland 100 – year of celebrations the Ministry of Culture and Education asked for a video about the Finnish education system.

Numbers and facts were shown graphically aside a visual imagery and an emotional story. In the heart of the story is a little child starting her educational journey.

The video concept was created and written by Recommended Finland, and produced and executed by FLIK.

More information about Suomi Finland 100 – year of celebrations:

Criminal Sanctions Agency – touching stories from the security field

Our great partners at #RECOteams created the concept and we produce a six part YouTube-series, which gives voice to the real people at the Criminal Sanctions Agency: guards, probation officers, drug detection dog handlers – and of course prisoners.

The videos are built around the heartfelt stories of each character, from their personal points of view into their work and its challenges. Director/DOP Mika Pakarinen’s skillful touch is well highlighted in the visual storytelling.

First three videos have been published and the results have been touching and cinematic stories from the security field. Next three videos are currently in post production and will be finished in March 2017.

More information about Criminal Sanctions Agency:

National Supply Security Agency – Co-operation designed to maintain society’s basic economic functions

Security of supply refers to society’s ability to maintain the basic economic functions required for ensuring people’s livelihood, the overall functioning and safety of society, and the material preconditions for military defence in the event of serious disruptions and emergencies.

The agency’s operations are presented in a 10 minute mini documentary that was produced for the cinema screens and TV.