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We take care of all the aspects from concepting and planning to technical execution, so you and your guests enjoy a smooth experience.

For listed companies looking for high-quality online events and video productions, Inderes and Flik offer a wide range of options to dependably deliver a message to the target audience.

With our dedicated and passionate team of experts, we produce well over a thousand events on a yearly basis. We always look for better ways to do things, so you and your guests can enjoy a smooth experience.

Event design

We work with you to set goals, conceptualize and plan every detail for a smooth and
memorable event.



We provide the technical expertise and seamless service for your event
to succeed.



Your event is streamed on Videosync, our top-tier online event platform. Fully customizable and intuitive.



With the reach of Inderes and Alma media, your event gains a broader targeted audience.

Our AGM / vAGM Solutions

Fully virtual AGM

All shareholders participate virtually so it is enough to take the most compact studio. This is the most straight forward way to execute an AGM.

Pre-registration and pre-voting are included in this service. Live voting and speech right is required.

Hybrid AGM

Hybrid mode is the most comprehensive way to execute a vAGM, where users can vote and use the right to speak, either on site or over the internet.

Pre-registration and pre-voting are included in this service.

We are the ultimate partner for this solution because we combine event design, production and technology for a smooth experience.

Classic AGM

In this solution we provide the traditional technology for an on-site AGM, but we can enhance it with event design, high quality production and streaming technology.

Pre-registration and pre-voting are included in this service.

Our voting tool

Attendee voting made easy and accessible.

Secure login

Only users who have been given a login password will be able to access to vote in your AGM.

Make it personal

Your attendees get a personalized welcome message and a general overview of the topics in question.

Easy to navigate

User-friendly interface where the attendee can easily vote and navigate through the app in a smoothly way.

Clear commu­nication

The attendees will understand that their actions are being processed by our system.



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