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Endless possibilities

You can arrange a virtual event in (almost) any location, wherever you need us to go, we go. Be your location of choice the Finlandia-hall, your building-site, your meeting-room or the top of a mountain – if we can get electricity and an internet connection, we can make it happen.

Building a virtual event setup in another location than our own studio takes some time, please consult our professionals to make the schedule, design and setup work best for you and your audience.

Check out more Flik event studios

Tapahtumastudio Eliel, Studio Eliel, Event Studios, Tapahtumastudiot

Seats for up to 60 persons

Tapahtumastudio Eero, Studio Eero

Seats for up to 10 persons

Seats for up to 150 persons

Studio Stage

Seats for up to 12 persons


Unlimited audience

Flik Liikkuva, Flik Anywhere

Your event – wherever you prefer

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